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Our business makes your business less taxing

As a full-service accounting and tax preparation firm, we are dedicated to providing you with professional, personalized services and guidance for a wide range of financial and business needs. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing your taxes have been prepared accurately, on time and with the skill that finds deductions you may not have known existed.

Many hours and a significant investment is budgeted every year on continuing education classes to stay current in every field of tax preparation in which our firm is involved. Considerable resources are invested in computer hardware and software each year to assure we can provide the best, most accurate and most comprehensive tax planning and tax preparation services to our clients. It is worth every penny because it allows us to provide the highest quality service to the most important people in our world — you, our clients!

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From the simplest 1040EZ to the most complicated business return, we offer a complete range of tax services to individuals and small businesses. You’ll discover some real differences at J Kelly & Associates, since we will:

Help you estimate your taxes for the current year and pay sufficient amounts to avoid late payment penalties

Prepare returns for any state in the U.S.

Know the rules regarding farming, rental property, retail sales, cryptocurrency and marijuana taxes, & professional services

Assist with prior year returns if you failed to file earlier or need to correct an error on a previously filed return

Keep our office open after tax season. We are a full-service firm, open all year

Consult about the IRS. The IRS has significantly enhanced the electronic filing and direct deposit system and over 90% of our clients were due refunds last year that e-filed and chose the direct deposit option received their tax refunds in less than 10 days! Many times, we can actually save you money over the fees charged by many of these tax preparation firms and we are open year round should you need our assistance!

Provide our clients with free electronic filing and free direct deposit of refunds. NOTE: This gets your refund to you in 7-10 days, no costs and no hassles. Some tax preparation firms charge a significant fee for “RAPID REFUNDS” that only cost you, the client, a considerable portion of your refund and generate a handsome profit to the tax preparer and the participating financial institution! We prefer to see you get your money quickly, at no additional cost.


Representation Before the IRS

Are you having problems with the IRS or state? If you owe past due amounts, if you receive puzzling correspondence from the IRS, or if you are being audited by the IRS, we can help! You should never assume the IRS is correct when they send you a notice of additional taxes that are due. Let us review your situation and determine whether you actually owe something or not. We are a fully qualified tax preparation firm, ready and willing to represent you before the IRS.

Authorized IRS e-file Provider

After your tax return has been prepared, completed and approved, we’ll file it with the IRS electronically. It’s accurate, secure and fast with proof of acceptance within 48 hours. You’ll get your refund in half the usual time with Direct Deposit. The IRS can direct deposit your refund into your account in as little as 10 days.