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Tax Services


From quick-and-easy to highly complex tax returns, you’ll be confident of receiving all the deductions you have coming on your individual tax return. When there’s a death in the family, estate and gift tax returns don’t have to add to your emotional burden. And gift tax returns may be necessary if you receive or give a gift of major monetary value. J Kelly & Associates can help with these individual tax preparation situations and many more.


Small business tax preparation by a tax accountant helps you discover all the ways you can save paying more income tax than you might otherwise pay and ensure you document everything that’s required. Whether your business is a sole proprietor, partnership, LLC, nonprofit, or one of the many types of corporations, we can help you organize your data and prepare an accurate, timely return.


Helping you operate or maintain a meaningful and efficient accounting system is one of our goals here at J Kelly & Associates. From basic accounting services such as payroll and financial statements to premier services where your entire bookkeeping system is outsourced to our capable tax accountants, we can take on whatever you choose to free up your time.