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Accounting Services

At J Kelly & Associates, Tax & Accounting services, we offer a full range of computerized accounting and bookkeeping solutions and services.

We can perform all accounting and bookkeeping services for you and your business
At a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time bookkeeper.

If you or someone else in your company wants to keep the books, we can provide as little or as much technical support as you need. Most clients prefer to make their own deposits and pay their own bills, with the exception of payroll. We can help you set up a manual or computerized bookkeeping system and produce full accounting records (journals, ledgers and financial statements) from your source documents. This allows you to spend more time managing your company and seeking ways to help it grow and prosper.

We do far more than just provide the bookkeeping services of our clients. We will review your financial records monthly or quarterly and provide advice on cash flow management, budgeting, lease vs. Buy decisions, and tax planning. We will compare your business results of operations with other similar businesses and let you know if certain expenses are too high, compared to other similar businesses.

Our goal is to help you operate and/or maintain a meaningful and efficient accounting system. We think that your financial information should be available to you on a timely basis to help you make the necessary day-to-day decisions concerning your business.


●   Posting income and expenses with information
     furnished by the client.
●  Reconciling bank statements.
●  Furnishing financial statements.
●  These services can be processed on a monthly or
    quarterly basis.
●   Payroll services may also be included.

Fees are based on the size of the business, and the time necessary to complete the work.



We can maintain your entire accounting system for you, We do it all. All you have to do is worry about growing your business.
We can:

●   Pay all bills
●   Enter daily sales.
●   Post all deposits.
●   Maintain your checkbook.
●   Complete all facets of your payroll, including check
     generation/direct deposit, and all tax payments.
●   Complete and pay sales tax if necessary.
●   Reconcile bank statements.
●   Provide monthly financial statements.

Fees are based on the size of the business, and the time necessary to complete the work.