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Business Taxes

Small Business Taxes

Forms W-9, W-4, W-2, 941, SS-4, W-7–and many, many more. 

Discover all the ways you can save paying more income tax than you might otherwise pay and ensure accurate reporting of everything that’s required. Whether your business is a sole proprietor, partnership, LLC or one of the many types of corporations, we can help you organize your data and prepare an accurate, timely return.

Corporate and Partnership Tax Preparation

●  1120, 1120A or 1120S Federal and State Corporate Returns
●  1065 Partnership Tax Returns
●  Tangible & Intangible Property Tax Returns

We understand business and the many unique situations and opportunities that arise from owning and operating your own business. We can help you organize your data and then prepare an accurate and timely return, ensuring you pay the least amount of taxes you are legally obligated to pay.

Nonprofit Organizations Taxes

IRS Form 990 and related schedules

We have considerable experience in dealing with the unique tax and reporting issues surrounding nonprofit entities. We can help your organization file for and receive nonprofit status from IRS and then assist with making sure all required annual tax returns are filed and we will help you stay in compliance with state laws regarding entities that solicit tax deductible contributions from the general public.