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Individual Taxes

Individual Income Tax Returns – Federal, State, and City

Form 1040, Schedules A, B, D, 1, 4–and many more! 

Things change every your. We can make sure your individual situation gets the most from the new tax laws and recommend changes that could make next year’s return less surprising. Timely, accurate and smart. We get the best return for you.

Estate & Gift Tax Returns – Federal and State

706, 709 and 1041 Tax Returns 

We can work with you and your attorney to ensure all federal and state income and estate tax obligations are met and all necessary returns are accurately and timely filed in the event of a family death. For lifetime gifts, we can help with planning the timing and makeup of these gifts that ensure the most efficient results are achieved for income and estate tax purposes. We will also prepare the gift tax returns, accurately and timely.